• Why You Should Rent a Limo for Dining in Style at a Great Restaurant

  • Some dining experiences are more than just meals out. Maybe you are celebrating that big promotion or showing that special someone a little romance. Perhaps you are finally ready to try that four-star restaurant whose steaks have been rumored to make people weep with joy. For high class occasions such as these, let Dutchess Limo’s personal service usher you and the evening in with the stylish manner you deserve. Fill-out the 90-sec form or call us at (845) 345-8004 today. After all, why merely keep up with the Jonses when you can impress the Jonses?

    Arriving at that trendy new restaurant in a sleek towncar or luxury sedan rivaled only by your date’s little black dress is the epitome of fancy. You’ll feel confident and stylish as you step out of a clean limo with a well-appointed driver holding the door and make your way in for some exceptional food and conversation after a long work week.

    On-Time/Flexible Schedule
    Securing reservations for fine dining is not always easy to accomplish and sometimes takes weeks of advance planning. It is, therefore, crucial, that your limo rental for the night arrives on time. Dutchess Limo’s prompt and reliable limousine service will not only ensure that you start your evening on time, but our high class service will make sure you arrive in style.

    You never know where the night will take you. After all, it’s not often that you enjoy such extraordinary food and company in such a fancy setting. There is no need to feel rushed during your special evening. Sit back, sip your drinks and enjoy some conversation knowing that you can simply call your driver when you are ready to leave. Or, maybe you don’t want your evening to end and would like to go out for a nightcap. Relax, your limo rental is for the night, and the night is yours.

    Clean & Comfortable
    Dutchess Limo understands the importance of providing a comfortable and clean limo in which to luxuriate. Whether a towncar, luxury sedan or stretch limo, your car for the night will be in pristine condition, suitable for your best clothes and hottest date. Limousine service for an evening out is not just transportation; it’s a sensory experience.

    Stress-Free/ Reliable/Safe
    It’s your special night, and it should be stress free. They’ll be no standing out in the cold for valet services or circling the block to find parking. You’ve brought your own valet, and he comes with a stretch limo and personal service at just a phone call away.

    Dutchess Limo will see to you that you arrive home safely in one of our inspected, fully licensed vehicles in the hands of a professional driver. Go ahead and order that second cocktail and let someone else worrying about the driving.

    Hiring limousine service for an impressive meal out is one of those experiences everyone should have. Call Dutchess Limo at (845) 345-8004 to schedule your fancy night out and our luxury limousine service will ensure that the ride is just as enjoyable as the meal.