• Turning sixteen is a special event for a young girl. Hey, you only do it once in your lifetime! And although adolescent drama sometimes makes the teen years something less than “sweet”, there’s nothing to stop you from planning a rockin’ birthday party! And what’s the best way to make it a really shnazzy shindig? By renting a stretch limo for your daughter and her friends! Our limousine services offer just what you need to make this event a cherished night of fun.  Give us a quick ring at (845) 345-8004 or use our two-minute easy form and we’ll get you started today.

    1. Safety First!
    Something that parents often worry about: “Is it safe to let my 16 year old daughter and her friends be chauffeured around by a stranger?” But with Duchess Limo, all your worries can be be put to rest. The cars at our limo rental are high tech and top quality. They are given proper care and treatment regularly, and every driver on our team has been extensively trained in safety techniques.

    2. Trust Our Professional Drivers
    As mentioned, one of the main reasons that our limos are so safe is because we have professional chauffeurs who are both knowledgeable and excellent at what they do. Our party bus and party van are driven by trustworthy workers with experience. Every adult and teenager attending will be in good hands.

    3. A Pristine and Clean Limo
    The squealing friends and birthday girl will be so impressed by our clean limos. They are spotless, they are immaculate, they are clean enough to eat off of! We serve nothing but the best for the birthday girl, so let each pristinely prepared party bus impress the daughter who will be riding in it.

    4. Sweet Sixteen Stylish
    Let the girls travel in style and receive the star treatment they desire when they take one of these stretch limos from the house, to the restaurant, to the hotel, to the dance party and beyond! This limo will compliment the beautiful girls and make each one feel just like a celebrity. It’s the perfect recipe for an unforgettable night!

    5. Always on Time!
    With these professional chauffers, your party evening won’t be a frenzied panic where you keep checking your watch while being put on hold by the limo rental. No, our fantastic drivers have a reputation of being on time, every time. Their reliability is to be praised, and you can trust them to get you to each event in a timely and proper manner the whole evening.

    6. Flexible as Acrobats
    As you make your birthday plans for your special girl, we’ll do our best to serve you through any way that we can. Our flexible schedule is an around the clock schedule, and we even work on holidays! No sweet sixteen party is unattainable, so just tell us what you want and we’ll work with you to make it happen!

    7. Fun, Fun, Fun!
    Every teenager wants to ride in a limousine as the guest of honor! By traveling in style in one of our party vans, you’ll give them a classy and stylish birthday party that they will always remember. Just picture the excited squeals of delight as the girls are escorted in and out of the limo at each location. Let this sweet sixteen be a memorable birthday by giving your child the star treatment.

    So parents, give your daughter the beautiful birthday celebration that she deserves by contacting our limousine services. Remember, that one night of feeling like a celebrity can last in her heart for a lifetime. So use our two-minute easy form or call us now at (845) 345-8004.