• Why You Should Give Newborn and Mom a Stork’s Ride Home in a Luxurious Limo

  • Bringing baby home from the hospital is a symbolic journey towards a bright new future filled with happy milestones. But it is also a literal journey. A journey in which safety, dependability and personalized service are more important than ever. You may not have an actual red carpet to roll out for mom and baby, but Dutchess Limo can make sure they arrive home in red-carpet style. Simply send us the 1-2-3 form or call (845) 345-8004.

    Safety and Professionalism

    Your priorities have changed overnight, and now your baby’s safety tops the list. While the future is sure to bring scraped knees and elbows, Dutchess Limo will provide safe transportation for your precious cargo today.

    Respectful and professional chauffeurs are happy to provide personalized service to make mom’s ride discreet and comfortable, as well as assisting dad in installing the car seat.

    Prompt and Reliable Service

    With an exhausted mother and a bundled up newborn, the need for first class service from your limo rental is essential. Your chauffer will arrive at the appointed time and be sure to not keep mom and her bundle of joy waiting in a boring hospital lobby.

    Flexible Schedule

    It’s often difficult to anticipate exactly when baby will be discharged from the hospital. Flexible schedules allow for tentative booking of your limousine services until an exact time can be determined. Making sure mom and baby are fit to go home is your priority, let Dutchess Limo handle the rest.

    Stress-Free Ride

    Door to door service and avoiding hospital parking fees are just two of the stressors alleviated by hiring a limo service. And considering how mom felt upon her arrival at the hospital, she most certainly deserves a stress-free and comfortable ride home. Letting a professional chauffeur handle the driving while you relax and smell the baby’s head is a much better way to travel. A limo rental will remove the stress from your ride and give you more time to stress about being a new parent.

    A Clean Comfortable Environment

    After long nights in an uncomfortable hospital bed with Dad curled up in a chair, both of you deserve to relax in a clean limo’s plush, pristine seats. Hiring limousine services will give you time to rest up for all the sleepless nights ahead. A clean limo is essential for your newborn’s delicate little immune system and will also allow you to relish being in a tidy environment before your house experiences the pandemonium of a newborn.

    Hiring a respectful and discreet chauffer to escort mom and baby home is showing them the honor they deserve. Contact Dutchess Limo at (845) 345-8004 and relax while our driver’s safe and professional first class service make your baby’s arrival home the grand occasion that it truly is.