• A high school prom is a special event that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Parents want their teen to have a prom limousine experience that’s safe and fun. Whether you’re booking limousine services for your daughter or son, you’ll want them to travel in style. A prom limousine that impresses your family and friends should be from a professional, courteous and impressive company. That means every stretch limo is a clean limo. One of the many reasons you should fill-out this quick & easy form or call Dutchess Limo at 845-345-8004 today. With these tips, you’ll find out how to choose the best prom limo rental.

    1. Think about your budget

    Shopping for prom means handing over some hard cash for beautiful dresses and handsome tuxedos. When your teen is ready to have an impressive makeover, book the salon for a new hairstyle and make reservations for an amazing dinner with their friends, there are plenty of things to think about when it comes to your budget.

    Parents can let the budget get out of control when they’re giving their daughter or son the prom experience of a lifetime. Just because you want your child to have the star treatment and be treated like a celebrity with a chauffer doesn’t mean you have to pay a ton of money. Figure out what’s important to you and your child to experience during their high school prom. Plan accordingly and for your limo for prom choose the party van, party bus or stretch limo that you desire for your child and their prom date.

    2. Take some time to ask for referrals and consider past reviews

    There are a numerous amount of prom limousine services for you to choose from. Sometimes it’s tough telling the difference between different limo rental companies. Just because there are uniformed chauffeurs accompanied by a great party van or party bus doesn’t mean they’re the best in the city. You want to make sure that they arrive early or on time. A clean limo for prom is never overrated.

    Chances are, there are some people you know who have rented a limousine for an event before. Ask another parent about what company they used. Have them refer you to a place that has considerate chauffers who show up on time and give their clients the celebrity treatment. Ask them if their considerate treatment carries over to the after party. There is a reason why most of our clients are repeat customers, and why many of our customers were referred by other customers.  Our service is excellent and our chauffers are top-notch beyond your expectations. Call 845-345-8004 to speak to a courteous attendant.

    3. Choose a company that offers the star treatment

    You want your teen and their prom date to feel special. When they’re ready to go out with their high school friends, dance all night at the event and enjoy a fantastic after party, they’ll want a prom limousine that comes with the star treatment. Of course, everyone will want a great photo to go with their fantastic night! A photo in front of a party van, party bus or stretch limo before and during the after party will make a great backdrop.

    Having a limousine company for prom that is always on time or even early will make you feel at ease when they’re taking your daughter or son along with their prom date. With ultra professional uniformed chauffeurs who keep your teens safe while they travel in style, you’ll feel at ease throughout the night.

    4. Go out and see what your options are

    There are plenty of impressive prom limousine services out there. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming when you’re not exactly sure what you want for the night. Depending on what activities your teen and their friends will be participating in, they might need a different vehicle than you originally thought.

    Some limo companies may offer a variety of cars to choose from. Choosing a clean limo that radiates celebrity status can make your teen’s night. Uniformed chauffeurs that arrive early at your door are a plus for the evening as well.

    When you want to have a great prom limo rental experience, you want to go with one of the best limo companies you can find. A photo with your child and their friends beside a stunning limousine with a dapper chauffer is priceless. At Dutchess Limo we give all our clients the star treatment that will allow you to travel in style. So use this simple form or call 845-345-8004.  We are ready to provide a safe experience that parents can count on for their teenager’s glamorous night.