• Make Your Next Party Complete with Expert Party Limo Service in Dutchess County, New York

  • The next time you are hosting a night out on the town, don’t risk the safety of your entire party by looking for a designated driver at the last minute. When you go out to have a few drinks, everyone there will have a much better time knowing that by using a party limo service you will all be safe with a professional designated driver.
    You can quickly get a free quote for a party limousine service by calling Chauffeur Andy at Dutchess Limo at (845) 345-8004. You can simply contact us right now to book a limo or get more information.

    Reasons for Hiring a Party Limo Service

    • Your entire party will look cool arriving in an Escalade, luxury sedan, party bus, or party van.
    • The safe limo driver will get you to and from your destination without a DUI.
    • The interior of the vehicle will be clean and well-maintained so you will feel right at home inside.
    • The driver will be on time so you don’t have to wait outside in the weather.
    • Hire a limo rental service to pickup from the airport your boss and impress them with the professional VIP treatment they receive.
    • A rental limo for a family member is a great birthday surprise for their entire day.

    Schedule a limo service for your next corporate holiday party. Having a transportation service available for your employees to use for free will help keep everyone safe and lower the risk of drunk driving. With this added perk your employees will be able to relax and have much more fun knowing they have a safe way to get home if they choose to drink.

    Here is a list of several holiday occasions for you to hire a party limo service:

    • Father’s Day
    • Mother’s Day
    • Christmas
    • Easter
    • Valentine’s Day
    • St. Patrick’s Day
    • New Year’s
    • Thanksgiving
    • Chanukah

    Valentine’s Day is a popular occasion to help spend an evening of romance with your significant other. Spend an entire day being transported to and from one event after another.

    Turn a Valentine’s date into an entire day starting with a lunch date, then an afternoon out shopping, evening dinner, and later drinking and dancing. No driving, parking, dealing with valets, or worrying about heavy Valentine’s Day traffic. A rented limo will ensure that you get the most enjoyment out of your date night.

    Your next St. Patrick’s celebration can be enjoyed to its fullest by renting a party bus for you and all your co-workers or friends. The party limo or party bus will start out with snacks, drinks, and music while you are transported to the first party location. Let the green beer flow because everyone will arrive safely.

    Don’t risk having your party ruined with drunk driving, accidents, or DUI’s. Hire the safe and stylish party limo services of Dutchess Limo by completing a quick form or calling (845) 345-8004.