• If “life is short” describes your choices, we want to help you head out for a great night on the town with your friends. With a stretch limo, party van or party bus from Dutchess Limo, you can make it a fun night out you will never forget! How will Dutchess Limo help you enjoy an incredible night “out and about”? Call (845) 345-8004 to find out. We can answer that question six positive ways.

    1. We Will Send You a Professional Driver Ready to Help You Have Fun.

    Our well-dressed and cool chauffeurs make enjoying local night life special. You and your friends want to make impressive memories. We will send a driver who will be in tune with you!

    2. The Chauffer We Send Will Be Helpful and Reliable.

    More than fun and nicely-attired, your night on the town limo rental’s chauffeur will arrive on time. You can always rely on our drivers. They are cordial, good-humored and never late.

    3. We Will Make Sure Your Night Out Limo Is the Cleanest You Will Ever See.

    A night out hitting local bars and clubs can be impressive. You will be impressed by the clean limo we provide. Whether you and your group want to travel in style in an exciting party bus, a party van or a stretch limo, expect to be “wowed” by its cleanliness.

    4. You Will Be Able to Take Advantage of Our Flexible Schedule, if Needed.

    Exciting night life sometimes throws curves into a night’s plans. We can roll with those curves! Other limousine services are more rigid. Expect “star treatment” from us! We offer a flexible schedule to help you enjoy every bar or club that delights you on your rocking night.

    5. We Will Provide a Very Stylish Limo.

    Your clean limo will feature style. Expect the night on the town luxury limousine you rent with us to be a top “celebrity” in its auto class. At Dutchess Limo, we give “travel in style” a whole new meaning.

    6. The Night on the Town Limo We Send Will Be Well-Maintained for Your Safety.

    Every limo rental company should keep their vehicles in top condition. We cannot speak for other limousine services, but we want to ensure your night out limo rocks the right way. We commit to you that we will provide a safe limousine driven by a safe driver.

    Even if you are not a celebrity, we think you deserve a little “star treatment” during your next exciting night on the town. If you agree, fill out our amazingly fast form or call us at (845) 345-8004 for a quote!