• Rock Your High School Event with a Luxury Limo in Wappingers Falls, NY

  • It’s your senior year of high school, and in order to make the most of it with your friends and family, you can arrive to all important events on time in an impressive, classy stretch limo. Homecoming dance? Enjoy feeling like a celebrity and our first class star treatment, travel in style and be the most popular person there. Time for graduation? Our limousine services will get you and your family to the ceremony on time and our chauffer will wait and be ready to take you and your friends to the after graduation party. Celebrate and have fun remembering high school while our impressive stretch limo drives you to your destination in style. If limo rental is not enough to make you the most popular, we also offer the option of a party bus or party van. Fill-out this super simple form or call Dutchess Limo at 845-345-8004 today.

    1. Our limos are stylish.
    Let’s be honest, anything is better than mom’s minivan. However, our limos go above and beyond just a basic plain black limo. Whether you are wanting an impressive entrance at homecoming or a vehicle large enough to fit your whole family for graduation, our limousine services show that you know how to travel in style.

    2. Our drivers are professional.
    Our well-dressed chauffeurs are a far cry from dad making awful jokes from the front seat of his four door sedan. We make a personal guarantee that our drivers will offer no puns or “dad jokes” while in your service! They will treat you like a celebrity (without the annoyance of paparazzi flashes), even in a party van or party bus!

    3. Our drivers are on time.
    Aside from being merely professional, our well-dressed chauffeurs are always on time. We know that it is important to arrive on time to your graduation or old Mrs. Crabapple might not let you walk across the stage! Your family won’t need to worry about missing their picture perfect opportunity when using a limo rental.

    4. Our limos are clean.
    While we know that cleanliness is often not a top priority for high school students, your mom and dad will want to know that the bachelorette party from last night didn’t leave behind anything that might not be appropriate. How could we offer star treatment without the basic of a clean limo? Answer: We can’t, so whether you are in a stretch limo, a party van or a party bus, it will be cleaned and inspected before arrival.

    5. Our schedule is flexible.
    So Trent broke up with Stacy at the dance. This means that a trip to the after party is out and plans need to change quickly. Our chauffer will be flexible with a new plan, so don’t worry!

    6. Our limos are safe.
    Our professional and classy chauffer will get you to where the party is so you can celebrate and have fun knowing that a safe ride is waiting for you. Dance the night away without worrying about having a safe ride home, let our well-dressed chauffeurs usher you and your friends home in a clean limo.

    Make your limo rental reservations now before we are all booked up and you have to endure dad’s jokes or mom’s minivan! Either give us a call at 845-345-8004 or fill out our simple form for a quote today! Our limousine services are popular for homecoming, so you can travel in style in a clean limo getting classy star treatment like a celebrity while you celebrate and have fun.